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2.6 gallon High Quality Plastic Container with desiccants and oxygen scavengers

2.6 gallon High Quality Plastic Container with desiccants and oxygen scavengers

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High Quality Plastic Container with screw lid closure plus 10 desiccants and 5 oxygen scavengers 

For food ingredients, chemicals and parts.

Food Products shown in photos are for display only and not included in package.

"It is amazing how much you can store in this container and the oxygen scavengers  and moisture paks are an added bonus to keep things fresh in tropical conditions"  SV Houndstooth -  Grenada 

Only the best quality items make it to our ProVisions Containers(TM) line of products.

We think these containers are at the top of the list for storing bulk food, parts, and even electronics on your your boat, yacht, RV or even in your home.  Great for ditch bag contents as the container will float and you can attach a lanyard directly to the container.  They come in 3 sizes (1 Gallon, 1.6 Gallon and 2.6 Gallon as shown)

Protect your valuable items against moisture and contamination.
Make sure your galley food products stay fresh. 

High quality containers with screw top lids can be used to store parts, electronics, food and pretty much anything on board that needs sure fire protection from moisture, air intrusion which causes rust, spoilage and detrimental impact to electronics.   Will last for years, almost indestructible. 

This product complies with food safety legislation

These containers are:

  • Water tight and floats
  • Clean
  • Tamper evident
  • Food safe
  • Easy to handle
  • Robust & stackable
  • Reusable & sustainable
  • Made of HDPE
  • UN certified (1H2) for solids
  • Will last for years, almost indestructible 
  • Made by CurTec®